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Reading class of Lena Clark Whitman, 1895 graduate in missionary training at Spelman, Ikoko, the Congo, c. 1900
Annual Institute for the Training and Improvement of Baptist Ministers, which was founded in 1945, and was co-sponsored by Morehouse and the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, c. 1950s
Clark kindergarten students on steps of Thayer Home, c. 1920s
People’s College, an adult education program founded in 1942 by Dr. Ira Reid of AU and taught by Center faculty
Third and Fourth grade classes of Spelman graduate Eva Spear, Jackson, GA 1913
Mary Ann Brooks, back row center, who was a student in the primary department of Spelman in the morning, taught these neighborhood children in the afternoon.
Spelman Nursery School, c. 1940
Public attends Harmon Foundation exhibit of paintings by black artists, Spelman, 1929; On one day over 1000 attended.
Atlanta-Morehouse-Spelman Orchestra under direction of Kemper Harreld, c. 1940; Wendell Whalum, last row center, who became director of Morehouse Glee Club
Morehouse Glee Club performs in Ghana,
Mrs. Jones and two newcomers to the Leonard Street Orphans Home, founded in 1890 for girls by L.M. Lawson and directed by Amy Chadwick from 1903 to 1936; orphans attended Spelman for free
Women attend children at Neighborhood Union, a social service agency, c. 1910
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