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The Black Family’s Struggle for an Education at the Atlanta University Center
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2.	Classroom in Union Hall, Spelman, c. 1880s
Grammar school class, Atlanta University, c. 1890
Clark students, 1896
Domestic science class, Spelman c. 1900
College department class, Atlanta University, 1886
Blacksmithing class, Atlanta University, 1886
Atlanta University physical and chemical laboratory, c. 1880s
Carpentry students in lathing room of Knowles Industrial Building, Atlanta University, 1886
Geometry Class, Clark, 1921
Faculty and students, Atlanta Baptist Seminary (later Morehouse), 1890
Faculty, Morris Brown, c. 1900; the only AUC faculty that was all-Black during early years
Commencement reception, Spelman, 1947
Class of 1891, Gammon Theological Seminary
Diploma of Neill Bridges, Gammon, 1910
Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, President of Morehouse from 1940 to 1967 presenting diploma to Harold Randolph, 1953
Class of 1948, Morehouse
Diploma of Henry James Charles Bowden, Morehouse, 1925
23.	Class of 1907, Clark
Families of graduates at commencement reception, Morehouse, c. 1940’s
Diploma of James Herbert Touchstone, Clark, 1915; taught Greek, Latin, and science at Clark until 1923
Diploma of Edna Clanton, Spelman, 1901
Diploma of Benjamin Cofer, Morris Brown College, 1916
Diploma of Benjamin Cofer, Morris Brown College, 1916
Martha Childs, second woman to complete college course at AU, 1895
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